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Rules and Regulations
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Here you find some information on

  • the German grading system: explanation and comparison with other systems
  • assessments and exams: excerpts from the Examination Regulations

German grading system

The grading scheme applied by Hochschule Bremen (according to the Diploma Supplement) comprises the following levels:

      1.0 - 1.5 = Very Good (Sehr Gut)
      1.6 - 2.5 = Good (Gut) 
      2.6 - 3.5 = Satisfactory (Befriedigend) 
      3.6 - 4.0 = Sufficient (Ausreichend) 
          > 4.0 = Fail (Nicht ausreichend)

The following table shows the conversion into "European" grades
(European Credit Transfer System = ECTS).

ECTS-Marking Scale

      ECTS-Grade     corresponds to  
    Abest 10 %
    Bnext 25 %
    Cnext 30 %
    Dnext 25 %
    Enext 10 %

  % of the successful examinees within the statistically relevant group

Credits, assessments and exams

Credits - Credits in accordance with ECTS are allocated to each module: a module comprises 4 contact hours and upon successful completion 6 credits are gained.
In the technical modules normally 2 contact hours are reserved for lecture (seminar-type teaching) and 2 contact hours for lab work. In addition, you will put in time of independent work for completion of written assignments, experiments and projects.
Altogether, 30 credits (+ 6 credits) should be reached at the end of the semester reflecting a student work load of about 40 hours per week.
The title is awarded only, if you have collected 90 credits, i.e. 60 credits with classwork and 30 credits with your thesis.
In our Master's course the credits are distributed between technical and non-technical modules as follows:

    engineering core and optional modules   48 credits
    economics and language modules   12 credits

Assessments - In the course of the semester you will be asked to complete various kinds of assignments:

  • oral presentation (incl. written summary)
  • lab report
  • problems/exercises

These assignments will be assessed and the grade may be part of the final grade of the module. If this is the case,

  1. it will be stated clearly by each professor at the beginning of each semester, to which extent the assignment grades are part of the final grade.
  2. these assignment must be passed with a grade of 4.0 or better. Otherwise you failed the module!

Exams - The examination of each individual module is always held at the end of each semester.

Work required in an examination can be :
  • a supervised written exam
  • oral exam
  • design, construction and software program
  • experimental task and lab report
  • presentation incl. written elaboration

The grade of the exam will constitute the major part of the final grade for the module. In case you fail the exam (grade 4.3 and higher), it can be repeated, usually at the beginning of the next semester. The examination regulations state that a failed exam can be repeated once in general. For up to two modules they may be repeated twice.

For the Master's thesis you will have 6 months to work on a project. This work and the results will be documented in a written part and presented orally in a colloquium. Both, the written part and the colloquium will be graded separately.

The final grade, which will be documented in your Transcript of Records, is calculated as the average of all module grades (60%) and the grade for the Master's thesis (written part 25%, oral part 15%).