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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Here you´ll find all the information needed ... for planing your trip to Bremen.

These FAQs have been collected by our student scouts during the last application period. Nevertheless, if you do not find an answer for your question, please send us an email or join us on facebook in our group: HS Bremen - MScEE


Question: In visa interview, if they ask why Gemany for Master studies? Why Bremen? Why this course MScEE in measurements and instrumentation? Do you know any Prof. in Bremen? What do I need to say? I mean a general idea?

Reply: Just search in HS Bremen website, especially the MScEE homepage. You will find the course curriculum, professors etc. Further you can see the link below which applicants are recently attended the visa interview and wrote their experiences. May be some of the tips & experiences are helpful for facing the interview. Please click the link given below: Visa Interview Experience



Question: Need advice: I have got two flight options

1. Qatar (28000 Rs) with + 47KG + laptop allowance. It lands in Frankfurt. I think from Frankfurt to Bremen in train would cost like 100 euros without the bahncard (no idea what it is.) Flight reaches around 3 pm.

2. BritishAirways (33133 Rs) with + 23kg + 23kg (handbag) + laptop allowance. It lands in Hamburg and trains to Bremen are cheaper here around 20 Euros. Flight reaches around 7 pm The only deciding factor is Frankfurt/Hamburg to Bremen travelling cost. If there is another mode of travel to Bremen from Frankfurt which costs less I would go for Qatar. Kindly advice.

Reply: Find the train ticket prices in Based on that you can plan it.

One more thing in Germany, some airlines will provide free train tickets from departure place to your destination. Just enquire at your travel agent and decide it in your situation.

I think Quatar is best compared to British Airways based on price weight etc. and I dont know about free ticket whether it is providing or not. What about Aeroflot Airlines? It also offers same weight from Delhi to Hamburg. But many people say that it is not safe. I dont know I came many times with Aeroflot i.e. 3 times.

Question: Which type of clothes, which things should I need to bring. I am new for this place, can you give me the check list before arriving to Germany?

Reply: Please see the below link where you find the check list before arriving to Germany. Hoping this information may be helpful to you. Feel free to ask any questions. Check list

Question: Where should I do shopping like clothes, gadgets, groceries, stationaries etc i.e. from India or Germany?

Reply: It depends on the person how he spends. If you are rich and have enough money you can do shopping in Germany. In my opinion doing shopping in India is better. For example if you want to buy a pencil box (10 HB Pencils) in India it costs Rs:10 equivalent to 0.14 Cents where as in Germany it costs you nearly Rs:100 equivalent to 1.5 Euro. It means 10 times. So i suggest you to do shopping in India compared to Germany.



Question: What can be the monthly expense to study and live in Bremen?

Reply: House rent varies within EUR 280-EUR 370. Additional expenses are EUR 250-EUR 300, though they are very subjective.

Question: I have paid initial service fee of 1000 EUR. I just wanted to know if the remaining 500 EUR should be paid by cash or demand draft.

Reply: So now you paid 1000 Eur and remaining 500 Eur you can pay once coming here and meeting Mrs. Zich, she will give all the documents like enrolment etc. and then she will give you an invoice to pay 500 Eur. Then you can pay 500 Eur as soon as possible.

Question: Should I pay that 500 Eur by cash or should I take a DD in favour of details which was mentioned when I paid 1000 Eur??

Reply: Dont worry. Once coming here you will unblock your account and you can transfer the 500 Eur to the financial department (All the bank details are on the invoice).

Question: Is financial aid/scholarship available for studying in this master course?

Reply: There are few scholarships and funds available about which information is available on the website of MScEE course. Awarding of these scholarships can be country and individual specific.

Question: Oh, and one more doubt: The service fee of 1000 euros, if I pay and later go to some other university, is it refundable?

Reply: Once getting visa on that university you cant get refund. If you are rejected to visa then they will refund. Dont worry take the right decision.



Question: Is accommodation arranged by Hochschule Bremen arranging accommodation for all students? Can somebody pick me up on arrival?

Reply: There are many students from all the courses in HS Bremen and it is not possible for international office to arrange accommodation for every international student. For master students this service is done by ISA, the International Student Assistance. They provide assistance to everybody. If you wish to have an apartment from ISA, kindly contact the office as soon as possible. They also provide pick up service on arrival.

Question: Hi, I need help with accommodation

Reply: You can ask ISA about accommodation. Or you search the rooms which are tagged below:

Also there is some rooms available from Student Union of Bremen Studentenwerk. There on the top you choose the house and there will be a list of available rooms.

And one other option is Ökumenisches-Wohnheim. Call them or mail them and ask about any free rooms available. Or else you can see the posts in HS Bremen group from Seniors regarding availability of rooms. That is all information I could provide you. Hope you all will find what you need.

Question: I tried to get the room which you mentioned using links like Studentenwerk, Bremer Oekumenisches etc. but they are saying there is no rooms available and I am in waiting list. What I need to do now??

Reply: Dont worry. Final hope is ISA office. Just send a mail to ISA office that you need an accommodation, include quotation (i.e. range of room rent) of the room, date of arrival. You will get the private rooms definitely. In fact its their duty to do.



Question: After reaching Bremen how long will the Deutsche Bank blocked account formalities take approximately. When will we be able to make transactions?

Reply: Mostly 10 days or 3 weeks. I can assure you that after 3 weeks you can do it if you have done your paper work fast like City Registration, Immatriculation etc..

Question: So how much cash is advisable to bring initially?

Reply: For safe 1000 EUR cash is enough because initially you need to pay advance to room, for your living expenses for few days etc.

Question: What is the approximately living expenditure per month you are incurring?

Reply: It depends on a person and type of accommodation. For me 350 EUR per month (only for room rent and food). Especially in my case because my room rent is less. It depends on a person how much he spends. If he was liberal then more then 400 Eur or else less then 400 Eur.

If you get a room in Studentenwerk you can manage with 350-400 EUR. If you have a private room it will be up to 500 EUR. It depends on all the situations.

Question: What about Health Insurance? Can we make insurance in our own country?

Reply: It is preferred if you make insurance after arriving in Germany. You will get detailed information about the procedures on the introduction day at the university.

Question: What about mobile connection?

Reply: Here you can take Lyca Mobile which is cheaper to call to India i.e. 1 cent per minute. And you can take O2 Mobile for calling within Germany. See these are operaters not mobiles like Vodafone, docomo in India.



Question: Do I need German language knowledge to study in this Master course?

Reply: The language of instruction of the course is English. Though German language knowledge can be helpful in daily business. It can also be learnt at Hochschule Bremen. German language is definitely required in companies for project work or master thesis.

Question: I want to have some information about the modules that will be offered in Winter semester. I also want to know if I can choose subjects that I want to study. Where can I get information?

Reply: Details of semester structure and syllabus are offered on the MScEE homepage. At the beginning of the course, on the introduction day, absolutely detailed information about the semester structure as well as modules will be given. After that sufficient time is provided to the students to think and choose the subjects of their interests. Questions regarding this unfortunately cannot be answered on the email before the individual student arrives here in Bremen at the start of the semester.

Question: Do I need to bring any course related text books?

Reply: I think not necessary because many libraries are in Germany which we can access up to 30 books per month for free until you are a student in Germany.



Question: Internships are available in Bremen ?

Reply: Internships depend on your score of first and second semester and your talent. But I can assure you that many internship opportunities are there in Germany.

Question: Is there internship opportunity in this Master course?

Reply: Internships during this Master course is not compulsory. Though, a voluntary internship is possible within study peeriod of 3 semesters. Information regarding the opportunities is displayed on the notice board. Also, senior students can later help you and suggest the numerous ways of finding the internships. They should never extend studies.

Question: Can I get part time job while studying?

Reply: This master's course is competitive and needs the full attendance as well as self study. This would hardly provide any extra time for part time jobs. Available opportunities, if any, could be found only after arriving here.

Question: How is HS Bremen totally and how is the chance for getting a job after finishing our course?

Reply: It depends if you want to go for technical job or engineering research then HS Bremen is good. If you want to go on more fundamental research, often theory oriented, then Uni Bremen is good. Job depends on your talent. Until now all my seniors who have passed out from HS Bremen are well settled in jobs. It depends on the person.

One more it is not like in India. We dont have campus selections in college like in India. We need to apply directly to the companies based on company requirements.

Question: So what do companies look for? Are they more towards the technical knowledge or aptitude?

Reply: Different companies have different requirements. No there is no aptitude test. Not like India. Everything you can know once coming here dont worry.



Question: And how about master thesis?

Reply: You can do in HS Bremen or you can try from outside.

Question: Can I do my Master thesis in some company?

Reply: Yes. It is possible to do master thesis out of Hochschule i.e. in some company or institute to obtain practical experience. Though, the application procedure and finding right opportunity takes long time. Hochschule does not place you in some company for individual masters thesis but, of course, can assist for the same.



FAQs after arrival you should ask:


Police: 110 - Medical & Fire: 112


Question: There are so many waiste bins / trash cans, what are they for?

Reply: Germans are keen on recycling. You will find black cans for the ordinary waiste, green cans for organic waiste, blue cans for paper waiste and yellow cans for plastic waiste.

Here are some examples what belongs in the blue or yellow can:

Plastic Waiste that belongs in the yellow can

Paper Waiste that belongs in the blue can

Paper Waiste that does not belong in the blue can